About Scrubs Camp

So you’ve been thinking about a health career. Well, this is a great way to know if that’s really what you want to do.

Scrubs Camp is a one-day, hands-on experience where you rub elbows with pros who actually DO healthcare for a living. Learn what it’s like to arrive at the scene of an emergency. See some of the cool gadgets used to make people better. And a whole lot more. Pretty cool stuff, don’t you think?

If you’re in 9th through 12th grade and think you’re interested in a health career, Scrubs Camp is a must do. There’s NO CHARGE to attend and lunch and snacks are provided. 

Camps are held throughout the state and each one is tailored to the interests of the students in that area. One thing’s for sure: You’ll get a full day to roll up your sleeves and do all sorts of cool things that'll give you a taste of what happens behind the scenes. Such as, learn how to set and cast a broken bone! See how physical therapists work with people after an injury. And more! We’ll even throw in some personalized career guidance!

Although sessions provided at camps vary slightly, the examples below will give you a taste of what's to come!

Fix a Broken Bone

See how casts are made. Learn how to set and cast a broken bone. Even grab a saw to experience what it’s like to take off a cast. If you dig this activity, you might be interested in being a Physician Assistant, Certified Nurse Practitioner or Orthopedic Surgeon!

Make Lip Balm

Hey, this doesn’t sound like a healthcare job! But did you know the skills used to mix up a batch of lip balm are used by pharmacists every day? These skills are called “compounding,” and they’re pretty useful in many jobs. When you leave, you’ll have your very own lip balm to take with you. Like what you see? Maybe a career as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician is the way to go.

See What Rehab is About

Have you tried to eat with your non-dominant hand? Or put on your shoes and socks with only one arm? This is what life is like for patients who have had a stroke or serious injury. If you like this activity, consider being a physical therapist or an occupational therapist!

Do You Have the Skilled Hands of a Surgeon?

You’ve probably seen surgery on TV. Now, here’s your chance to actually DO surgery. You’ll put on the cap, mask, gown and gloves and with scalpel in hand, you’ll perform surgery – on a pig’s foot! You’ll even sew up the incision. This one’s obvious, but if you like this activity, you might just be “cut” out to be a surgeon!

In Case of Emergency ...

See what it’s like to be the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency. You’ll see how to assess the patient, communicate to the hospital, and provide necessary care all while your adrenaline is pumping! This activity gives you more than a sneak peek into the life of an EMT and paramedic.

Remove a Mole

Well, sort of. In this session, you’ll learn about different skin issues and even get a chance to remove a “mole” from the skin of a banana. Careers in dermatology can be exciting and this session will show you why!

You Are What You Eat

Eating healthy may sound boring, but this session will show you about the importance of good food choices and how eating right can speed up recovery. To make it memorable, you’ll concoct a smoothie to show that eating healthy can actually be delicious. Sound like a tasty activity? Then maybe a job as a dietician is for you!

Check out These Gadgets

Behind every good doctor is some pretty cool high-tech equipment. This session lets you see some of the gadgets used every day to help patients heal. You’ll get to cauterize a steak and learn what’s involved with keeping these machines working. See, not all jobs in healthcare involve working with patients. This activity will show you another side of healthcare, biomedical engineering.